Executive Vine is a digital magazine dedicated exclusively to publishing opinion and expertise (Op/Ex) pieces – written by executive leaders from across all industries and organizational landscapes.

Only Executives.

Only Leaders.

Simply stated: Executive Vine is the voice of the executive. In his or her own words. 

And while each executive contributor’s brand and company will be on full display, the magazine is not a platform for commercials about the writer’s company or product/service.  Instead, the site  presents a venue for the leader to present opinion, expertise and knowledge on the topics of the day – and how they affect business, society, culture and the planet.

Here’s one of the really, really cool parts:  Unlike many content platforms, this magazine is published without corporate, partisan, religious or cultural biases of any kind.  This means that Executive Vine is truly a neutral, independent outlet – where the un-filtered voice of the executive leader is the star of the show.

The entire focus of the publication is on the OP-EX content written by organizational leaders!

So, whether as a Director, Ringleader, President, Mastermind, VP, Governor, Board Member or CEO (and other roles in between), your career as an executive leader has produced rare glimpses of how business, society, money, politics, culture, religion, charitable endeavors and the planet interact.

Which means we’re always looking forward to reading a great article, from an accomplished executive – and sharing it with our readers!

~ The Executive Vine Publishing Team