Four Reasons Recruiters Are Losing Candidates

Hindsight can be a little like rubbing salt into a wound, which is why with that in mind, recruiters might find these four reasons helpful to avoid losing that all-important deal:

You didn’t get the budget signed-off

  • Get it resolved early, ascertain the MAN with the Money, Authority, and Need to make the decision behind the hire.
  • A deal will rarely come to fruition without the budget being signed-off first by the decision makers.
  • If you have a feeling the deal may just be a window shopping exercise for businesses to test the market, challenge why the budget can’t be signed-off, otherwise you’re going to waste time and lose money.

You took too long

  • Time kills deals is the repeated adage of recruitment, and one that holds true. Part and parcel of a recruiter’s job is to push the process along so that it doesn’t get the chance to stagnate.
  • It’s vital that you do your needs analysis of your candidates thoroughly and determine the speed at which they’re looking to secure a new role, as time will be more important to some candidates than others.
  • According to recent research from Indeed, interest from businesses to fill a vacancy often peter out after 30 days, so hiring with time in mind is sometimes crucial.

You offered the wrong thing

  • Clarifying exactly what your candidate is looking for, their needs hierarchy, and matching them accordingly is what will secure a deal.
  • Have they got alternative offers and how does this meet their needs? Know your candidate well enough to know how to make your offer the better option.

You didn’t click

  • By striking a straight talking relationship that balances professional and friendly, you’re building a rapport with your candidate that’s based on mutual respect and will give you the edge on your competition.
  • You want your candidates to enjoy working with you to encourage repeat business and referrals, as today’s candidate may very well be tomorrow’s client. Drop-in calls, meeting for a catch-up drink and going the extra mile speaks volumes in recruitment.
Richard Prime
About the author: 

Based in the United Kingdom, Richard Prime is the co-Chief Executive Officer at Sonovate, a recruitment finance provider.  Prior to Sonovate, Mr. Prime was a Managing Director and Executive Board Director with SThree Plc, a FTSE 250 global group.  Follow him on Twitter.