Lead Differently.

Great leaders are different, right?

One of their top jobs is to identify and successfully lead change – personally and for their people.

Which means, in ever (and QUICKLY) changing social and business climates, how they act and approach new territory can be the measure of their leadership.

Which brings me to this….

We’re never going to have an impact on what Donald Trump does. Ever. Not even a tiny bit. Ever.

And no matter how common-sense we thought our ideas were, we never had a chance to change Barack Obama’s mind about business or society.  Sorry.

And we’ll never change the mind of our hardcore conservative or liberal friends and employees – or even our partisan state / local politicians.

Again – sorry, but that’s just the world we live in. Everyone is entrenched. Lines are drawn. Opinions are in cement.


So – what’s the best approach for a leader who faces immovable objects and ideology like this?

DO something different!!

No matter on which side of the deep RED/BLUE divide you fall (or even if you think you’re already PURPLE)……you must realize that we all live and work in a world that’s more and more DIFFERENT every damn day.  And it’s up to leaders of all shapes and sizes to:

Think differently.

Talk differently.

Act differently.

Listen differently.

Why?  Because we can’t expect our crack-pot liberal / nut-job conservative politicians to change.   And it’s so easy to respond to the noise the same way – and manage the same way – every day.

The best executives will set an example of how to act (and react) differently in the face of a VERY different world.


Bruce Martin
About the author: 

Bruce Martin is the President of Broad & Pattison, Inc., the leading management recruiting and executive search firm serving the U.S. automotive industry.  His career includes executive assignments with DaimlerChrysler, GE Capital and Adecco, NA. Mr. Martin is a member of the Board of Directors for the Career & Networking Center, a Not-For-Profit based in Naperville, IL, and he serves on the industry Advisory Board of motormindz, an automotive Think-Tank based in suburban Detroit, MI. Follow Bruce on Twitter and LinkedIn