The Life in Bed Economy

Unfortunately a fews Januarys back, I crashed while on a road bike ride in Miami. It wasn’t awful. I was fine – very soon. But today I have pain in different parts of my body and mostly stayed in bed. The last time I fell off my bike was in 1998. Back then all I could do while recovering in bed was read a book, speak on the phone and watch TV. 18 years later a tremendous amount of technological effort has been invested in building what could be called the “life in bed” economy. And recovering from a bike accident is a world of choice!

  • Want to eat in bed? Seamless, GrubHub, Uber eats, and many others will make sure your recently cooked and warm food is home delivered.
  • Want to socialize from your bed? Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Twitter, Skype, LinkedIn and many others will make that very easy.
  • Want to be entertained in bed? Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube, Showtime, HBO and many other digital services will give you all the movies and tv shows ever made on your iPad.
  • Want to shop in bed? there are so many services that will get you whatever you want while in bed! the most obvious ones Amazon, eBay, Apple.
  • Want to study in bed? Udacity and many other purely online or also online universities will help you get your in bed degree.
  • Want to read in bed? Kindle and the Kindle app will make that easy.
  • Want people to come home and give you a massage, manicure, or any other services while at home? TaskRabbit, ThumbTack and all their competitors will basically get you any kind of service at home you can dream of.
  • Want to listen to music? no need to reach out for a CD anymore, Spotify, Soundcloud and others will give you all the music ever made at the touch of your smartphone.

As I recover though I wonder if this life in bed economy is actually good for us. Not convinced. Certainly not good for being fit, for socializing in the real world, for truly loving those around us.

Martin Varsavsky
About the author: 

Martin Varsavsky is the Chief Executive Officer at Prelude Fertility.  He is a visiting Professor at Columbia University (New York), and has worked as Chief Executive Officer at VIATEL and at Fon, where he continues to serve as the Chairman.  Follow Martin on Twitter.