Is LinkedIn the New Dating Site?

LinkedIn used to be my favorite professional site. I would network, read great articles and connect with amazing people. But over the last year, it has changed for me. It appears that for some, the professional platform has turned into a dating site.

My inbox and even comments on my posts have gone from professional, intelligent conversations to slimly propositions and remarks from men. Men I’ve never met before or even had a conversation with have called me “Hun” and “Dear” countless times.

Here are a few of the messages that I’ve received.

“Hi, hun. You are so beautiful. I want to take you out to dinner. Let’s get a drink.”

“Alison, you have to meet me and if you are a good girl I’ll give you a kiss”

“I am amazed by your beauty, but I can’t keep my eyes off looking at your chest.”

“When are you going to allow me to take you out, you won’t be sorry, hun.”

Okay, first gross. Second, you don’t know if I am in a relationship or not. And third, you look desperate.

It truly baffles me that these men think this will work. Do you honestly think that calling a woman “Hun” whom you have never met before is going to score you a date? Do you think that by telling her that if she’s a “Good Girl” she’ll get a kiss is the way to win her heart?

No, that is not going to get you a date. And I have to wonder how many of these men are married, engaged or dating someone?

Not only does it make you look slimy but it is not good for your professional reputation.

It could damage your business. According to a Forbes article, you could be courting a liability suit. In a lawsuit filed last June and reported by the Insurance Journal, a mid-level financial services professional identified only as Jane Doe is suing a unit of SunTrust Banks after a recruiter who had been trying to interest her in a position then began to send her inappropriate sexual messages on LinkedIn, including a photo of his genitals.

And as a publicist, I can tell you that this is one of the worst things you can do for yourself and your brand. You must be careful with what they say, do and send on social media or texts. Messages, texts, photos, and videos do not disappear. Always think before you act.

One final piece of advice for the men looking for love in all the wrong places. If you want to find a woman to date I suggest you head over to Tinder, Bumble or Match.Com. Leave LinkedIn for the professional networking site that it was created for.

Alison Maloni
About the author: 

Alison Maloni is a media expert, speaker and owner of Alison May Public Relations. The former journalist is also a moderator and keynote speaker on storytelling, reputation management, social media and crisis communications. Follow Alison on Twitter.