Should You Take On Controversy In Blogs? The Answer May Surprise You.

Controversial Blogs

Taking on controversy in blogging…wildly stupid or a perfected sales funnel?

Hillary Clinton is a liar.

Steroids don’t make baseball players hit more accurately.

Many real estate agents have huge egos (but who doesn’t?).

Telling employees they shouldn’t swear in the workplace is a crock of $h1t.

The terms “racism” and “sexism” are thrown around way too frequently.

And whoever the idiot was at Target who thinks removing the “boys” and girls” signs was a good idea should be fired.

Man, that felt good.

Sometimes it’s so liberating to write about what’s on your mind.

And it can also be spectacular for your business.

I know, I know.  Many of you are about to pile on like fat kids attacking a cupcake to tell me what a terrible idea it is.  Controversy in business?  It’s so…taboo.

But here’s the thing.  If you’ve got a thick skin – and I mean a THICK skin – you may just find that it’s not just liberating…it’s….genius.

Controversy in writing can actually be a perfected sales funnel.  Now here’s the disclaimer.  It’s NOT for everyone.  It’s NOT for every industry.  But for those who try it, sometimes they find their businesses explode as a result.

Let’s look at a quick number.  In the state of Connecticut alone, there are more than 700,000 small businesses.  I don’t even want one percent of that number for clients for our agency.  And that’s just in one state.  Now think about the scale of that…as it pertains to other states, other countries or even the total number of individuals out there.

Taking on controversy accomplishes three things.

1) You see the level of passion from those who comment and weigh in…which is incredibly valuable whether they agree with you or disagree with you.

2) You see the level of professionalism (or lack there of) of those who comment and weigh in.

3) At the bottom of the sales funnel are those who you are most likely to ENJOY doing business with.

Hell, it also addresses the elephant that might be in the room…especially around election season.

Perhaps most importantly, let’s not forget about the EdgeRank it gets you on social media.  The more people that yell and scream…the higher your organic reach.

Which means the more people who see it.

And that’s just downright delicious.

Kyle Reyes
About the author: 

Kyle Reyes is the Chief Executive Officer of The Silent Partner Marketing, a boutique digital design and execution marketing agency. Previously he held marketing director roles for automotive and hospitality businesses, in addition to being a News and Special Projects Producer for NBCUniversal.  Follow Kyle on Twitter and LinkedIn.