Where You Are vs. Where You Want to Be

As we are gearing up for yet another year full of goals, strategies, and objectives, we may want to step back for a second before we get too busy. Why? To just assess what we are doing and if we are indeed making any impact.

Most of us work hard, and even harder than ever before but may not see the desired result as quickly as we would like. Some of us get even more disciplined in the ways we do our most important daily tasks and projects. Some of us may even say that we mastered how to achieve our goals, both personal and professional. But in the end, how will we know where we are headed if we are in constant movement or motion?  Are we confusing movement with progress?

Consider this profound truth, something simple yet often overlooked, the need to differentiate self-evaluation and measure of true progress versus constant motion and action. The key is in knowing where we are going! So many of us can constantly be busy with just the moving and doing things, but is it making any difference, progress, or, better yet, impact?

Are we running in the same place and not getting far, or in the worst case, getting nowhere at all? You may be wondering, how do I know the difference between progress and just motion, Izabela?

Knowing the difference can come from Creating and Cultivating High-Performance Impact on an individual, team, and organizational level! This will not happen if you are still getting new talent to be part of your organization through sterile, archaic, or very rigid management processes and models.

It is essential by contrast to create high-performance management and leadership with a new model and process that will allow:

1. Increase of leadership impact at all levels of the organization – the real magic when higher levels of employee engagement not only share a common mission and purpose but when leaders from the top are very engaged, accessible, and visible.

2.   Develop a high employee-centric engagement strategy  – that is inspiring teamwork through trust, respect, and appreciation through the whole organization. This approach will allow you to start building a high-performance culture and a strong foundation for your organization’s sustainable growth.

3. Enhance leadership training and development across whole organization – it is time to invest in your biggest assets, your employees. Why should you care? It is the perfect way to turn your high-potential employees into high-performance employees, a current and future assets of your organization with tremendous ROI and impact long term.

4. Increase high performing employee’s authority  – through their empowerment and an effective performance management process it will allow companies over time to strengthen empowerment and authority at all organizational levels. Most companies are weak with a level of accountability and need trust to build a high-performance impact culture – the culture that customers love and are willing to pay more for just to have the best experience guaranteed.

Championships are won by teams that love one another, respect one another, play for and support one another,” Tom Coughlin, Former New York Giants Coach

For all of you big sports fans, especially of American football, you may be very familiar with Tom Coughlin, a former New York Giants Coach. But if you are not, he created over the years an unbreakable bond between himself and his players so that they could give each other the best they had, winning so many games, playoffs, and ultimately Super Bowl trophies. Coughlin’s farewell speech  is a perfect reminder of what a leader should be on the field, off the field, and in or outside the office.

By now, are you ready to fly high and coast in the sky? Why not? It is a great place to be, and it does not take much effort to land and take off again – if you are fueled in a proper way with your SuperPower engine – you maybe don’t need to land on the ground for a long time.

Bird eye view – is a priceless experience even just 20,000 feet of the ground, you may find yourself quickly soaring with the eagles – the perspective gained is priceless – close enough to see 360 degrees full picture in detail but far enough to see it all at once. This perspective is essential from any successful C-Suite Executive to have. Recognizing that you have a Top Gun in your arsenal and knowing how to position to make the most impact is the smarter thing yet to happen in your business.

High-Performance Impact is possible, in fact, it is so real, concrete, measurable, especially when you have created enough breathing room for high performers to collaboratively play with their teammates and others outside of the organization. That is when true magic takes place, and it is so awesome to see how far, fast, and financially rewarding it can be.

Izabela Lundberg
About the author: 
Izabela Lundberg is the Chief Executive Officer at Glocal Strategic Leadership, and a globally recognized leadership consultant with Mike Haynes & Associates.  Her prior leadership experience includes COO and CMO roles for The Global Entrepreneurs, LLC, and speaking and writing engagement credentials that include Harvard University, Business Wire and the Democratic National Convention.  Follow her on Twitter.