Winter and Summer in Adland

It is winter in Adland. 

We have moved from a world of scarcity to a world of abundance and algorithms.

We have lost the power of influence. Trust has been severely damaged.

Consumer attention is the new bottleneck. We no longer decide who sees us. Instead, we get picked.

30 second is not enough anymore. We need to take consumers through a scenic journey to create a long lasting relationship.

Everyone is a publisher. It is easier than ever to create, but harder than ever to make a hit.

The impulse to make has far outrun the desire to consume.

New forces have emerged in the form of sophisticated algorithms.

A new model has surfaced called “pay per play,” which scored everything we do on relevance to feeding the machine.

It decides what gets picked, when, and where, based on extreme relevancy.

Mass media has vanished. Precision and personalization have emerged.

It is winter in Adland. The good days are all long gone.

It is Summer in Adland

We now have the power to make brands matter anytime, anywhere.

We no longer need to sell. We can create value every step of the way.

We are not constrained to a 30 second TV ad. Data and technology have opened up a new world of possibilities.

We can help make a city safer, eradicate diseases, stop the hate, and reduce poverty. We can be a force for good in our society.

We are no longer playing on the edges. We now can play in the heart of the business.

We can drive change at a faster pace than ever before. We have the technology, data, and creativity to make it happen.

We can create light and heat for brands.

We can illuminate people with precision. We can warm their hearts with creativity at a personal level.

It is summer in the Adland. The best days are ahead.

The Choice is Ours

Today, creativity matters more than ever.

But it’s a different type of creativity.

It’s creativity that lives not in a mobile-first world, but a mobile-only world.

Creativity fueled by data and human irrationality, not just insights.

Personalized creativity, not creativity for the masses.

Real-time creativity designed for live stories.

The choice is ours.

To quote David Ogilvy: “Don’t bunt, aim out of the ballpark. Compete for a company of immortals.”

Alberto Brea
About the author: 

Alberto Brea is the Executive Director, Engagement Planning at OgilvyOne Worldwide. He previously held Vice President roles in marketing and advertising with agencies such as RAPP, McCann Worldgroup, Grey and Digitas – and he was a Partner at Olgivy & Mather. Mr. Brea was honored this year with awards from both Ad Age and The Shorty Awards. He has MBAs from Northwestern University and Loyola University Chicago. Alberto has contributed several pieces to, and you are able to follow him on LinkedIn.