Yesss! Best Work Day Ever!

Jack Harbaugh famously said “Attack this day with enthusiasm unknown to mankind,” to his sons (now NFL and college football coaches) every day when he dropped them off for school. I like the sentiment. When we start each day from a positive, action-minded place – we give every day a chance to be the best day ever.

This got me thinking; how could we all come to work with the mindset of making every day our #BestWorkDay? I’ve had many “best days” in my career so far. I’m thankful for that. I love my job and I’m proud of my team and what we do here at AT&T. So, when I think about what a best day means, several things come to mind:

Do you believe in what you do?  

An article I read in the Harvard Business Review said “whether we enjoy our work often boils down to how our job fits with our sense of purpose.” Our roles and what we do at work may change – and our feeling of purpose may evolve with it. But, if you believe what you are doing at work impacts something larger – or provides you with a fulfilling purpose – then you’ll likely be happier and more productive. For me, I love knowing that I’m a part of a company that is making a difference in the world. It gives me a tremendous sense of purpose (and pride) knowing that the technologies we fuel here at AT&T foster an engine of innovation that impacts our society and changes the world for the better.

Are you bringing out the best in others?  

My favorite days are the ones when I get to interact with our front-line team members. I love investing in our people – helping them achieve success and follow their passions – whether it’s achieving a sales goal, earning a promotion or going back to school to pursue a degree. I measure my success by seeing the people around me grow and achieve great things.

Have you achieved the impossible lately?  

When you have this big, hairy, audacious goal…the one that keeps you up at night…and finally (huge exhale) you surpass it.  Now that, is a great day. Maybe it’s the day your new business “idea” becomes an actual new business (my days at Cricket come to mind). Or, maybe it’s a big sales accomplishment where you finish #1 in the whole company after a hard climb out from last place (Yes! Gretzky fist pump!). If you want that feeling – the impossible win feeling – then set the bar high. There is nothing satisfying in a mercy win.  Aim high and a go for the big reward.

Any one of these things might make for a great day. But, when you see them all come together, well, that’s the #BestWorkDay ever.

Your #BestWorkDay could be tomorrow – get ready to crush it!

Jennifer Van Buskirk
About the author: 

Jennifer Van Buskirk is President of AT&T Mobility’s Northeast Region.  Her career at AT&T includes Senior Vice President, Chief of Staff and Director assignments.  Previously, Ms. Van Buskirk was President of Cricket Wireless and President at Aio Wireless.  She earned her MBA from Kennesaw State University.  Follow her on Twitter.